Episode 2 – Body Image

Episode 2 explores body image in the gay community.  Living with anorexia, interviews, and being body positive is discussed.

Fat Teenager Lovesong – Jasmine Nikki Bruns

I imagine

your kiss like

orange sherbet

melting in summer

into my young,

humid mouth

pooling sweetened cream

in the bottom of the bowl.


Lifting a spoon,

I scoop hungry pillows

dripping this lonely sundae

onto an old T-shirt (too tight)

as Bridget Jones plays on the tube,

waiting for my turn to choose panties

big or small,

probably big.


I wonder how you say

intellectual fog

in Hungarian and

I laugh at things that aren’t funny,

flip my hair,


I saw this work on TV once.


I wish we could talk about the revolution,

the Kremlin

when you stood below it,

and the gypsy children who begged

for your lunch.


I could have swam with you in the Danube

in 7th grade

testing lifeguards

drinking Coca Cola

through candy straws,

horse-play in my onesie

while you scope out

hot chicks

in bikinis.


Standing in front of this mirror

still covered in glitter from last Halloween

wanting you

makes me

want me


the taste of candy.

the smell of perfume.

waking up early for school, again.



“Wasting Away” by Jeff Jones – http://youtu.be/WArIrUz_R30

Steven Reigns – www.stevenreigns.com

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